<div class="custom-build w-100 d-flex justify-content-center">
<div class="position-relative h-100 mx-auto py-10 px-10">
<div class="h-100 d-flex flex-column justify-content-center text-center">
<!-- Text #1 --><p class="custom-build__text-1 h5 link-unstyled w-100 align-self-center mt-0 mb-0"><!-- start:text-1 -->Text line<!-- end:text-1 --></p>
<!-- END:Text #1 -->
<!-- Text #2 --><p class="custom-build__text-2 h1 link-unstyled w-100 align-self-center mt-10 mb-0"><!-- start:text-2 -->Text line<!-- end:text-2 --></p>
<!-- END:Text #2 -->
<!-- Text #3 --><p class="custom-build__text-3 paragraph fs-lg link-unstyled w-100 align-self-center mt-10 mb-0"><!-- start:text-3 -->Text line<!-- end:text-3 --></p>
<!-- END:Text #3 -->
<!-- Button #1 --><div class="custom-build__btn-1 btn--default btn align-self-center mt-25 mb-0 justify-content-center">
<!-- start:btn-1 -->BUTTON TEXT<!-- end:btn-1 -->
<!-- END:Button #1 -->

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