About Us


and our earplugs do more than protecting your ears.


Some sounds are a part of the experiences that you love.
Some sounds are the experience.
Our earplugs keep you safe, and they also keep the surrounding sounds that you want to be able to hear.


Since 2014, SurfEars
® is the leading brand of earplugs among pro surfers and extreme watersports athletes, and is sold in shops in 30 countries all over the world. They let sound in and keep water out, and prevent from common health problems caused by cold or contaminated water.



The acoustic filter in dBud is based on the same patented technology as SurfEars.
Shortly after the launch in 2018, dBud won two product design awards in the international
 Red Dot Awards, in the Audio and Healthcare categories.
The adjustable volume and the minimal impact on the sound quality make dBud great for concerts and festivalsAlso, the discreet earphones-looking design, make them a natural accessory in your look and wear – for work, for studying or wherever you’d like to tone down noise to a comfortable level.


EARLABS work closely with the world-class product designers and engineers at Above agency based in Malmö, Sweden. We’re a tech startup that keeps on innovating. During the last couple of years, we’ve introduced two new earplugs for watersports: SwimEars® and Junior, and an upgraded version of SurfEars was launched in 2019.

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