Collaborations & Ambassadors

dBud is looking for ambassadors to promote our innovative volume-adjustable earplugs, which provide a solution for those who want to protect their hearing in a variety of environments, as well as promoting calm, concentration and focus for people with a wide range of neurodiversities such as ADHD, Autism, HSP and anxiety. dBud ambassadors may also simply be people who want to reduce the noise level in their daily life due things like noise sensitivity, stress or fatigue.

By becoming an ambassador for dBud, you'll have the opportunity to help spread the word about our amazing product. You'll also be able to share your own experiences with dBuds and how they've helped you in your daily life. We're looking for individuals who are passionate about noise protection and who want to make a difference by promoting our brand and products. Join our team and help us make the world a quieter, calmer and healthier place!

Please reach out to us at or via our Instagram We look forward to hearing from you!



Current Ambassadors:

 Thomas Henley (@thomashenleyuk):

My name is Thomas Henley, I’m an Autism consultant, public speaker and workplace trainer running the Worlds Top podcast ‘Thoughty Auti Podcast’, all about Autism & Mental Health - independently presented, edited and promoted by my Autistic self.

I’m also a Commonwealth/British champion in Taekwondo, Biomedical Sciences (Hons) graduate from UoM, Autistic Model, documentary creator of ‘Aspergers In Society’ & ambassador for Anna Kennedy OBE & Born Anxious.

I was diagnosed at 10 years old with Aspergers Syndrome (now ASD-1), and later developed severe mental health conditions at the age of 14 due to trauma at Secondary School - Clinical Depression, GAD, Bulimia & multiple Dissociative disorders.

Most of my content focuses around the low quality-of-life statistics for autistic people, such as mental health, social isolation, unemployment, education, relationship difficulties & self-harm in all forms. I’ve delivered this information to the government, leaders in SEN education, and the general public through my outreach and social media work.

My passion is to help people, it’s my meaning to life, my saviour for helping me stay around. My ultimate goal is to improve things for future generations who may just experience the same awful things I have. 

My content is informed from many angles. During my time at university I also studied and researched into Autism, Mental Health, Sociology, Psychology, Socialising, Relationships & Philosophy. I also used to be Special Needs TA, I work alongside charities regularly, talk to researchers, Autistic influencers, authors & parents regularly on my podcast, and currently work full-time for a National Inclusion charity.