The new dBud is here!

The original, volume adjustable earplugs have had a makeover, continuing our mission to provide the most effortless and effective way to protect your ears and rule the noise! 

What’s new with dBud? 

Comfort and Fit - the new dBud is smaller in size and shape than its predecessor, with an optimised tube angle for a better fit in the ear. It is also made of new materials for an improved feel and look.

Updated Silicon Tips - 5 different sizes of silicone tips are included to also help find an optimal fit and increase comfort. 3 further foam tips are also included, making 8 options in total.

New Leash - The detachable leash has been redesigned with an added fabric strap for more comfort around your neck. Never lose your dBud! 

Updated Colour Range - Charcoal Black and Dusty Pink.


Why dBud? 

  • Turn the volume down, whilst keeping sound quality! 
  • Find focus, calm and concentration in loud and stressful settings you are exposed to in daily life. 
  • Follow conversation and communicate, whilst being protected, unlike with traditional earplugs that just block all sound and communication.